Get To Know Me in 31 Days


Hi.  You might know that I work with women with anorexia and eating disorders, helping them to feel more confident, positive, empowered, relaxed, happy and content so that the need to use eating disorder behaviours become less and are more easily challenged.

You might also know that I am a recovered anorexic myself and as well as providing professional support, with techniques that helped me, I like to think I’m giving hope and inspiring others that recovery is possible.

You might be struggling with an eating disorder right now but are scared about reaching out for help, because you fear losing control and being made to restore weight.  You are conflicted between being desperate for help but wanting to keep your behaviours secret and telling yourself you can do it on your own.  You might also tell yourself that there’s no point because nothing can help you, and you’ll never get out of this place you’re stuck in.

Well I’m here to tell you that feeling better is definitely possible.  Yes you’re scared but clients I work with become less scared and more motivated as we work together.

You might know that I’m all about focusing on changing mindset, rather than on weight and food.  My goal is not about you restoring weight, it’s about getting you to a point where you can:

  • feel good about yourself
  • let go of the rules
  • feel relaxed

I’m sure this sounds great in theory to you, but there’s probably still some hesitation, something stopping you from picking up the phone or emailing me.  So how can you:

  • get to know me more
  • start helping yourself by learning some great life long tools and techniques
  • see if the way I work is right for you

Well I’ve put together an “Introductory Package” which can be purchased as a stand alone package or as an introduction to a 1:1 package with me.  It costs £147 and includes:

  • 31 Day Planner
  • Videos
  • Worksheets
  • Questionnaires
  • Guides
  • Further resources

Please click here to sign up and your package will be delivered straight to your email inbox.

However if you would like to talk to me about working with me 1:1, please book a call with me to discuss your options.




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