Top 3 Tips for Anorexia Recovery: Tip #1

Tip #1: Decide You Want Things To Change

I know how difficult it is living with an eating disorder.

Your mind is so consumed with thinking of food that it’s difficult to have a conversation. You may have isolated yourself from other people.

You just want to feel safe. You just want to feel in control.

You have continued with the rules and rituals for a long time, in the hope that you will finally feel good enough and happy. But all it’s bringing is endless torture.

It feels like there’s an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. You have no idea who to believe. What is right. What is true.

But know this:

Happiness comes from feeling good about yourself

Change the way you think about yourself

Happiness will never come from anything external ie. a new car, more money, your weight

Your eating disorder is not making you happy

Your eating disorder will never make you happy

Make the decision today that you’re not happy and you want things to change. Don’t think about tomorrow, just focus on now. Don’t get overwhelmed by looking too far ahead. What can you do differently to feel good about yourself? Because doing the same thing won’t change anything.

Keep making that decision every day and every time you’re tempted to go back; and just keep doing your best to move forward.


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Tips for Anorexia Recovery: Tip #1

  1. Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve almost died/was almost put into hospice twice and was put in the mental hospital for my ED three times ad I’m so much worse now because of it. Recovery can be a bitch. The only person that can recover for you is yourself which is something that my parents seem to not be able to fathom. Hang in there xx


    1. I’m sorry to hear this but totally agree that it needs to be your choice. I’m lucky that I chose to recover and although it was the fight of my life, I won. And it was definitely worth it.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Wishing you the very best x

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