I have recovered from anorexia and know first hand how consuming it can be.  You start off thinking of anorexia (Ana) as your best friend, who you can depend on, is always there for you and who makes you feel better about yourself.  Well initially that’s true.  But then your best friend switches and starts saying hateful things about you and places strict demands on you.  You may know that this isn’t right, but you go along with it anyway because she’s already gotten hold of you, took your confidence and self worth.

It’s a desperate place to be where you feel alone and don’t know how to feel better.  I’m a qualified Practitioner and want to reach out to you, to give you hope.  I offer a gentle approach, where I work with your underlying emotions rather than concentrate on food. Because restricting is a symptom of anorexia, I look to get rid of the cause so that total recovery is possible, rather than just ‘managing’ your ED.


I am a qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and a member of the professional bodies, AAMET and EFTMRA.  You may not have heard of these techniques, but that doesn’t matter, they are just the tools I use in order to help you, and they work incredibly well.  Find out more about my approach by downloading my free recorded webinar here